Wilderness first aid/CPR this weekend (June 10 and 11)

We are holding a Red Cross Wilderness First Aid/ CPR course this weekend, June 10 and 11, at Independence United Methodist church, 6615 Brecksville Rd in Independence, starting at 8am on Saturday. The course is 16 hours long and will be held from 8am to 5p.m on both Saturday and Sunday. Your presence is required the entire time in order to get your certification. Please make sure you pack a lunch both days.

Remember, BOTH Sea Base crews need 2 people trained in wilderness first and CPR.

The price is still being negotiated with Red Cross. I will let you know and soon as I find out.

****Please email me back in the next day or two and let me know if you are planning to attend. *******

This is open to any scout or leader, especially those going on the Sea Base trip. Space is limited due to training equipment.

Venture Crew update

Wilderness First Aid- June 10 and 11- At Independence United Methodist Church on Brecksville rd at 8am until 5pm. Price TBD. Please let me know ASAP if you will attending the training.
Sea Base Payments- There are 2 more payments to be made to pay for the Sea Base trip. I will be collecting them at the June 14th meeting and the July 5th meeting. Each payment is currently $285. I will be calculating how much each of you owes after your fundraisers have been applied in the next few days.
Service Project- Our service project is ready for us to start working on. We will be working on it at the next meeting, June 7th.
Fundraisers- There are still a few people who have not supplied the Sea Base crews with a fundraiser. JB is attempting to set up a CAR WASH one weekend in June. As soon as we have a date I will inform you. Grace, any ideas? Robbie?
Sea Base Tshirt- I finally have everyone’s sizes and will be ordering these soon.
Travel insurance- Did everyone who wants travel insurance contact Stephanie Ventura at the Brecksville AAA office?
Medical Forms- Please get those medical forms filled out, ALL sections.
Sea Base Documents- there is a list of important documents that I need from each of the Sea Base participants. Please start bringing this documentation to any of the meetings so I can start organizing it.

I am sure I will be needing lots more info from you guys soon so please keep an eye out for emails from me and reply as soon as you possibly can.

I believe that is it for now. Please keep working on your swimming and floating for Sea Base!

Summer Camp

For those going to summer camp, I’ll be starting the online registration for sessions this weekend so send me a picture of your schedule from your phone if you can or just a list of times and badges/activities. If you send a photo, please write the scouts name on the sheet. I’ll send confirmations to those who already sent me stuff – only 2 or 3 final schedules are turned in so don’t worry about being late unless you’re looking at something like metalwork.

Here’s the latest revision of the schedule.


For Newer scouts, New this year – a schedule so that you can go get what you need. Check your book (requirements are the new book. check meritbadge.org to see the descriptions if you have the old book.) It also makes clear the the T21 Adventures block covers on certain days.


For 1st year campers,
I recommend Swimming Merit Badge (Eagle required) if you’re a swimmer, ST21 H2O if you’re not.

ST21 to get lots of Tenderfoot, 2nd and 1st class requirements done.

Art is very easy – sometimes only a few hours to complete.

Mammal Studies is good for for 1st and 2nd year scouts – you can use the internet at home to gather stuff for the written reports

Space Exploration is popular – again use the internet at home to gather stuff for the written reports. No, you can’t use your rocket from home – you have to build it and use the motors that are available at camp.

Other than that, plan to spend lots of free time doing archery (free), fishing (free), rifle shooting (Not free) and collecting “critters” for the critter contest.

Event Schedule

May Events. Campout, Summer Camp Prep, Medwise, T21, Cyber Chip

* May 10, Regular Meeting (Cancelled). Skills: Taut Line Hitch, T21: Fitness, First Aid, PLants,
Activity: Cyber Chip training

* May 17, Regular Meeting. Last meeting to pay Summer Camp Early Bird rate
Payment schedule is $265 by 5/19, $285 till June 8, then $300
Skills: Clove Hitch, Medwise Award, Activity: Campout Menu, food, activities

* May 19-21 Campout at Punderson State Park, Cost: $35
Permission Slip and Event Description:

* May 24, Regular Meeting. Parish Center not available. We’ll do our meeting outside. Forecast is 70, partly cloudy.
Skills: Sheet Bend, lashings, Activity: Make Ice Cream, Cyber Chip

* May 31, Regular Meeting. Skills: fisherman knot, lightweight stoves. Patrols: Patrol meetings: names, flag, yell. Activity: Marching, team building

* June Events. Parish Picnic Service, Summer Camp, Brecksville Home Days

* June 7, Regular Meeting. Last Meeting to pay Summer Camp “Regular” rate
Payment schedule is $265 by 5/19, $285 till June 8, then $300
Skills: T21. Patrols: Summer Camp prerequisite checks. Activity:T21 Fitness Test

* June 11, Parish Picnic Service
1-4 pm stock beverages and keep trash cans available.
4 pm help stack chairs and tables

* June 14, Optional Meeting Activity: Summer Camp forms and questions
* June 18-24, Summer Camp www.manatoc.org/summer_camp.html

* June 30-July 2, Brecksville Home Days Booth pop and water sale.

Summer Camp Early Bird

This week is the last meeting to pay the “Early Bird” rate for Summer Camp. $265. If you can’t make it to the meeting but would like to be included at the lower rate, let me know that you commit to paying.

If you’re new to Summer Camp, see the sections on summer camp on the page
at www.current.troop652bsa.org/main/index.html

The site also has links to the online signup sheets for Family Night, Home Days, and Parish Picnic

Troop Update: May 16. Campout this weekend

May Camp 19-21, Campout with possible Canoe Trip
Where: Camp at Punderson State Park, Canoe at Camp Hi in Hiram
Cost: $35
Permission Slip and Event Description

We’ll be camping Friday and Saturday nights at Punderson State Park in Newbury- parks.ohiodnr.gov/punderson <http://parks.ohiodnr.gov/punderson> We’ll be leaving St. Basils on Friday evening at 6. We might also be canoeing the Cuyahoga River from Camp Hi in Hiram- Posted in Troop

Venture Service Project Update

Just an update on our service project – for those who forgot (I know I would
have) –

We are making 2 giant connect 4 games and a giant Jenga set. I am cutting the wood for both and I will bring pieces parts to the meetings to paint and possibly assemble.

For this week’s meeting – I will be bringing the Jenga set, this game needs LOTS of sanding. I had 2 trains of thought and maybe they can both work: I was thinking if any adults had sanders (palm sander would be best I think) maybe we could get some sanding done at the meeting and I would ask those who can, to take some of the parts home to sand and bring them back – the ends are rough and need some sanding they are cut from 2×4’s so the sides are pretty good from a sanding perspective, they could use some touching up in places. There are plenty to go around.

The connect 4 is quite the project – I almost have all the part for the game board ready for paint ( 168 holes I had to drill out) – yellow (Should be ready by Wednesday) – also the game pieces can be painted (red & black) – I will probably not have the wood ready that holds up the game board ready for this meeting.

I would suggest dressing in old work clothes – I will bring some old sheets so we can paint (spray paint) the parts I have ready. There will be more in the coming meetings to do – there will be more game pieces to paint (they are on order).

Because of moving the parts back and forth – I would like us to start painting right away so it can be as dry as possible when I take them back home.

Make sure you track your own hours on this project!

Thank you!

Flag Placing, Sat 5/27,

I got the details for the flag placing at the graves at the Western Reserve Cemetery – I will have a signup sheet at the next meeting – here is the info so you can update your calendar:

Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery
10175 Rawiga Road
Seville, Ohio 44273
(approx. 45 min drive)

Class A Uniform – be prepared for the weather, also a warning: there is a lot of waiting around involved.

Saturday May 27th – meet at church at 7:00 AM – leave by 7:15 AM (It’s best to get there early to get a parking spot. It fills up quickly) We will need drivers – should be home/back to church between 12-12:30 AM

Registration begins at 8:30 AM
Ceremony is at 10:00 AM
10:15-10:20 AM we will be conducting a service for Capt. Ely Riddle at the Flag pole. Our forgotten Veteran. (We ask that scouts remain in place for service, but will not be required if you do not wish to observe) 10:40 AM Scouts will be dismissed to attend to their flag placement. Refreshments to follow once the job is done. 12:30 AM cemetery will resume normal internment operations.

Sly’s Eagle Project

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick reminder that Sly’s Eagle project is scheduled Saturday, May 6th, 9a-4p. The project is an 80 foot turnpike/trail improvement on Wetmore Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Please let Sly know if you can help for all or part of the day.

We will meet at Little Meadow Parking lot: 5249 Quick Rd., Peninsula 44264 at 9a. Please let Sly know if you’ll need a ride.

Wear long pants, long sleeved shirt, boots and work gloves. Be prepared to get muddy.

Bring a shovel and/or a wheelbarrow if you have one. Also bring rain gear in case of rain. Project will take place rain or shine unless strong storms predicted.

Everyone must complete and sign the attached CVNP Volunteer Service Agreement 2016 v2. Scouts < 18 years of age need a parent's consent / signature on p. 2. We will have extra forms available at the work site. Lunch/drinks/snacks will be provided. If you arrive late, look for a note on Sly's Honda CRV or call him. The trail project is across the street from Little Meadow parking lot. Quick Road is one road south of Truxell Road, where Camp Manatoc is located. If you're coming from Akron-Peninsula Rd., turn left onto Quick Rd and look for Little Meadow Parking area on the left. You will pass Pine Hollow parking area (the closest bathroom is located here) and Crowfoot Gully parking area before you get to Little Meadow. Hope to see you there. Sly Robakowski