Summer Camp Results

There are sometimes errors in their records to it might be worthwhile to review your records to see if they match your recollection. Sometimes troop numbers are entered incorrectly and badges don’t¬†show up on our report.

Let me know if you find problems or have questions.

As a reminder, if you have a partial in a merit badge, you can go back to Manatoc during the “Open areas” times and try to complete the badge. Let me know if you intend to do this but don’t have a copy of your health form. You’ll need a blue card, health form and possibly your swim tags (which they did not return to us this year). I can put blue cards and health forms in the troop trailer for you to make it easy to get them on your own schedule. Open areas are from 2:30 -5 pm Monday¬†through Friday.

Unit Merit Badge Status (PDF)