Sea Base Car Wash Fundraiser (Sept. 25)

Please put Sept 25th on your calendars. The venture crew will be having a car wash at the BP on the corner of rt21 and rt82 from 9am-3pm. Please tell all your family and friends to come support the crews. If you have old towels, rags, sponges, hoses with sprayers or old newspapers you are willing to let us use please let us know or bring them to the meeting this week. This is a fundraiser for the Sea Base trip.

Council party!

Those of you who are unaware. Rose Greenberg, who is the life blood of the Greater Cleveland Council, is retiring at the end of September. The council is having a party in her honor September 30. If you are interested in attending please contact Joann in the council office.

Meeting Plans

Sept. Camporee, Popcorn Kickoff, Cub Scout Recruiting

Sept. 14, Regular Meeting. Prep for Camporee skills competition.
Skills: Lashings, Tent seam seal, Menu, Gateway
Badges: Summer Camp badges, T21 SIgnoffs
Sign-ups: Camporee, Fall Fest, Popcorn

Sept. 16-18, Camporee campout.

Sept 17, Appalachian Service Project.

Sept. 21, Regular Meeting.
Skills: Lightweight stoves, Campfire Program (Dale), S’mores, Ramen
Special: Pack 652 visitors
Sign-ups: Fall Fest, Popcorn

Sept. 28, Regular Meeting.
Skills: Orienteering, map and compass.
Special Patrol Names, Yells, Flags.
Sign-ups: Fall Fest, Popcorn Sales

Oct. 5, Patrol Leader Council Meeting. Plan November, December, January

Oct. 9, Fall Fest Service 1-4
Oct. 12, Regular Meeting. Gateway competition.
Skills: Lashings, Gateway
Sign-ups: Bicycle Outing, Popcorn

Oct. 19, Regular Meeting.
Skills: Tool Sharpening, Team Building, Menus
Sign-ups: Bicycling Event

Oct. 21-23, Bicycling campout.

Oct. 26, Regular Meeting.
Skills: Recruiting. Invite Webelos:
Special: Fire, tents, Ramen, Karaoke


ALL Associate Advisors must be fully trained by Dec 1st or you will not be allowed to be renewed on the charter. I don’t have any training dates at this time but please check with the council headquarters for dates. Please don’t wait to the last minute. If you are unsure if you are an Associate Advisor or a Committee member please contact me and I will let you know. Committee Members do NOT need to be trained at this time!