Venture Crew update

Wilderness First Aid- June 10 and 11- At Independence United Methodist Church on Brecksville rd at 8am until 5pm. Price TBD. Please let me know ASAP if you will attending the training.
Sea Base Payments- There are 2 more payments to be made to pay for the Sea Base trip. I will be collecting them at the June 14th meeting and the July 5th meeting. Each payment is currently $285. I will be calculating how much each of you owes after your fundraisers have been applied in the next few days.
Service Project- Our service project is ready for us to start working on. We will be working on it at the next meeting, June 7th.
Fundraisers- There are still a few people who have not supplied the Sea Base crews with a fundraiser. JB is attempting to set up a CAR WASH one weekend in June. As soon as we have a date I will inform you. Grace, any ideas? Robbie?
Sea Base Tshirt- I finally have everyone’s sizes and will be ordering these soon.
Travel insurance- Did everyone who wants travel insurance contact Stephanie Ventura at the Brecksville AAA office?
Medical Forms- Please get those medical forms filled out, ALL sections.
Sea Base Documents- there is a list of important documents that I need from each of the Sea Base participants. Please start bringing this documentation to any of the meetings so I can start organizing it.

I am sure I will be needing lots more info from you guys soon so please keep an eye out for emails from me and reply as soon as you possibly can.

I believe that is it for now. Please keep working on your swimming and floating for Sea Base!