Venture Crew Meeting Minutes 1-10-2017

Mark W.
Mr. Sowers

We will be having a White Elephant Gift Exchange ($10 limit) at the Jan. 24, 2018 meeting. Please bring a Scouting appropriate white elephant gift of $10 or less if you would like to participate in the gift exchange.
Gabe called for car wash, couldn’t get a hold of the manager
Walgreens car wash? Gabe and Grace volunteered to look into it.
Robbie is looking into Boston Mills skiing/tubing/snowboarding outing.
We will also be continuing on advancement requirements in the coming meetings.
Pancake Breakfast is Jan. 28th. From 7:00am-2:30pm. We need a lot of help as usual especially at the end of day for clean up.
Dates for Pancake Breakfasts
January 28, 2018
March 4, 2018

Next Meeting is Jan. 24 at 8:30pm

Venture Crew Update

Venture Crew Meeting Wed. at 8pm at St. Basil. We will be putting some activities on the calendar for the year, signing up for Thursday’s open house and planning a recruiting event. Please bring your ideas.

I have a table for the Crew / troop to recruit at the Brecksville/Broadview Heights High School open house on August 31st between 6 – 7 PM

Please let me know if you’d like to help us out. We’d like you to come with your class A – I also need any videos or picture videos (preferred) of high adventures so we have something to show. The focus is venture crew due to the HS ages.

Wilderness first aid/CPR this weekend (June 10 and 11)

We are holding a Red Cross Wilderness First Aid/ CPR course this weekend, June 10 and 11, at Independence United Methodist church, 6615 Brecksville Rd in Independence, starting at 8am on Saturday. The course is 16 hours long and will be held from 8am to 5p.m on both Saturday and Sunday. Your presence is required the entire time in order to get your certification. Please make sure you pack a lunch both days.

Remember, BOTH Sea Base crews need 2 people trained in wilderness first and CPR.

The price is still being negotiated with Red Cross. I will let you know and soon as I find out.

****Please email me back in the next day or two and let me know if you are planning to attend. *******

This is open to any scout or leader, especially those going on the Sea Base trip. Space is limited due to training equipment.

Venture Crew update

Wilderness First Aid- June 10 and 11- At Independence United Methodist Church on Brecksville rd at 8am until 5pm. Price TBD. Please let me know ASAP if you will attending the training.
Sea Base Payments- There are 2 more payments to be made to pay for the Sea Base trip. I will be collecting them at the June 14th meeting and the July 5th meeting. Each payment is currently $285. I will be calculating how much each of you owes after your fundraisers have been applied in the next few days.
Service Project- Our service project is ready for us to start working on. We will be working on it at the next meeting, June 7th.
Fundraisers- There are still a few people who have not supplied the Sea Base crews with a fundraiser. JB is attempting to set up a CAR WASH one weekend in June. As soon as we have a date I will inform you. Grace, any ideas? Robbie?
Sea Base Tshirt- I finally have everyone’s sizes and will be ordering these soon.
Travel insurance- Did everyone who wants travel insurance contact Stephanie Ventura at the Brecksville AAA office?
Medical Forms- Please get those medical forms filled out, ALL sections.
Sea Base Documents- there is a list of important documents that I need from each of the Sea Base participants. Please start bringing this documentation to any of the meetings so I can start organizing it.

I am sure I will be needing lots more info from you guys soon so please keep an eye out for emails from me and reply as soon as you possibly can.

I believe that is it for now. Please keep working on your swimming and floating for Sea Base!

Venture Service Project Update

Just an update on our service project – for those who forgot (I know I would
have) –

We are making 2 giant connect 4 games and a giant Jenga set. I am cutting the wood for both and I will bring pieces parts to the meetings to paint and possibly assemble.

For this week’s meeting – I will be bringing the Jenga set, this game needs LOTS of sanding. I had 2 trains of thought and maybe they can both work: I was thinking if any adults had sanders (palm sander would be best I think) maybe we could get some sanding done at the meeting and I would ask those who can, to take some of the parts home to sand and bring them back – the ends are rough and need some sanding they are cut from 2×4’s so the sides are pretty good from a sanding perspective, they could use some touching up in places. There are plenty to go around.

The connect 4 is quite the project – I almost have all the part for the game board ready for paint ( 168 holes I had to drill out) – yellow (Should be ready by Wednesday) – also the game pieces can be painted (red & black) – I will probably not have the wood ready that holds up the game board ready for this meeting.

I would suggest dressing in old work clothes – I will bring some old sheets so we can paint (spray paint) the parts I have ready. There will be more in the coming meetings to do – there will be more game pieces to paint (they are on order).

Because of moving the parts back and forth – I would like us to start painting right away so it can be as dry as possible when I take them back home.

Make sure you track your own hours on this project!

Thank you!

Venture Crew Update

May 3rd- regular meeting
May 6th- Sly eagle project
May 13th- fill the truck event
May 14th- Mother’s day
May 17th- regular meeting
May 19th- lend-a-hand
May 31st- regular meeting.

I will send a more comprehensive list of things we need to do to get ready for Sea Base in the next few days.

Please let me know if there are any huge conflicts on these dates.

Shawna Melnykowski

Fill the Truck Fundraiser Saturday May 13

Our Easter Seals “Fill the Truck” Fundraiser is SATURDAY, MAY 13TH. NOW is the time to notify family, friends, neighbors and co-workers of the FILL THE TRUCK event, so everyone has enough time to clear out their closets and to help make this event successful.

PLEASE HAND OUT THE FLYER to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc…

When we get closer to the date we will provide a sign up sheet for scouts to help unload cars and load boxes/bags onto the truck. Younger Scouts will earn service hours.

Pancake Breakfast and Bake Sale on Sunday 3/26

Our pancake breakfast is this Sunday, March 26th. We will need help starting at 7am with set up and will continue to need support until about 3pm after everything is cleaned up. Please let me know if you are able to make it and what times you will be there from and until. I am attaching the flyer so everyone please hand out copies at work, nearby stores, churches and family and friends. It is a fundraiser for the Sea Base crews but those not going on the trip will receive service hours which everyone needs to advance in rank.

Bake Sale- We are also having a bake sale during the pancake breakfast to help increase our funds for the trip. If anyone can donate baked goods or would like to help run the table please contact Mrs Cleary.