Event Schedule

May Events. Campout, Summer Camp Prep, Medwise, T21, Cyber Chip

* May 10, Regular Meeting (Cancelled). Skills: Taut Line Hitch, T21: Fitness, First Aid, PLants,
Activity: Cyber Chip training

* May 17, Regular Meeting. Last meeting to pay Summer Camp Early Bird rate
Payment schedule is $265 by 5/19, $285 till June 8, then $300
Skills: Clove Hitch, Medwise Award, Activity: Campout Menu, food, activities

* May 19-21 Campout at Punderson State Park, Cost: $35
Permission Slip and Event Description:

* May 24, Regular Meeting. Parish Center not available. We’ll do our meeting outside. Forecast is 70, partly cloudy.
Skills: Sheet Bend, lashings, Activity: Make Ice Cream, Cyber Chip

* May 31, Regular Meeting. Skills: fisherman knot, lightweight stoves. Patrols: Patrol meetings: names, flag, yell. Activity: Marching, team building

* June Events. Parish Picnic Service, Summer Camp, Brecksville Home Days

* June 7, Regular Meeting. Last Meeting to pay Summer Camp “Regular” rate
Payment schedule is $265 by 5/19, $285 till June 8, then $300
Skills: T21. Patrols: Summer Camp prerequisite checks. Activity:T21 Fitness Test

* June 11, Parish Picnic Service
1-4 pm stock beverages and keep trash cans available.
4 pm help stack chairs and tables

* June 14, Optional Meeting Activity: Summer Camp forms and questions
* June 18-24, Summer Camp www.manatoc.org/summer_camp.html

* June 30-July 2, Brecksville Home Days Booth pop and water sale.