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When What Where, Description
September 2006 Cuy Valley District Camporee Longwood Park, Macedonia

Handout Here.

Slip Here (Not yet)
Jan 2006 Cuy Valley District Klondike Longwood Park, Macedonia

Handout Here.

Slip Here
Northern Tier 2006 NorthernTierPreliminary.pdf
Tinnerman 2006
SeaBase 2005
Tinnerman 2004
Philmont 2003 Philmont 2003 Page
June 2005 Summer
Camp Attendance Checklist.
Includes dates for health forms
June 2005 Activities
List Draft
June 2002 Summer Camp
Spring 2002 Venture
Patrol Presentation Schedule
August 11-12,
Hale Farm "Civil War"

Similar to Harvest Fest.  (below)
October 6-8,’01 Hale Farm  Harvest Fest.  Help Park cars during
the day.  Camp overnight. See description from last year, below.

June 7, ’01, 6:30

Family Life MB Counselor

Parish Center

June 7, ’01, 7:30

Troop Mtg.,
Toten’ Chit Training
Church Prayer Books (1 service hr)

Parish Center

June 14, ’01, 7:30

Summer Camp Prep:

  1. Bring 1 gal. Drink Concentrate
  2. Bring checklist (used!)
  3. Bring Gear and pack

Rafting Trip $25 deposit Due

Parish Center
June 17-23 Summer Camp Camp Manatoc

June 20, ’01, 5:45-9:30

"Family Night" Get there early to watch the ceremony which
starts at 6:00.

Bring a desert or a side-dish to share because the scouts will provide
the main course. Also bring your picnic basket: plates, flatware, cups,

Camp Manatoc
June 24, 2001 Parish Picnic See description from last year
below.  This year it will be at the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center at
the corner of Wallings and Brecksville Rd (about a mile north of St.

June 28, ’01, 7:30

Troop Mtg.
Nature MB, Golf MB, Dog Care MB, …

Meadows Picnic Area – Brecksville Metropark res’n
June 29, 30, and July 1,
Brecksville "Home
Coming" Fair on the Square
We sell bottled water and cans of soft
drinks from a booth and from wagons hauled around by teams of scouts.

Booth is at the north-west corner of the grassy area on
the square, facing west.

July 5, ’01, 7:30

Troop Mtg.
Nature MB, Golf MB, Dog Care MB, …

Meadows Picnic Area – Brecksville Metropark res’n

July 12, ’01

No Mtg.

July 19, ’01

Troop Mtg.
Nature MB, Golf MB, Dog Care MB, …

Meadows Picnic Area – Brecksville Metropark res’n

July 26, ’01, 7:30

Troop Mtg.
Rafting Trip Prep & Equipment
Trip includes 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch and 1 dinner.
(Your $25 deposit was due June 14)

Parish Center

July 27-29, ’01

Rafting Trip
$125 per person. Adults welcome (needed, in fact, for driving and escort)
July 27-29: Rafting. 
and Permission are HERE.
March 1, ’01 Rock Climbing  
March 24. ’01 CPR Certification at Gund Arena See details page. MRs. Nemeth is
arranging a semi-private session at the excellentamundo training session at the Gund.
  Payment ($10) due on March 1st.
Nov. 17, 18, 19, 2000 Camp and Hike with
This Friday to Sunday outing will take us to Mrs. Dee Nemeth’s property
in McConnelsville, OH and will mix camping and hiking with orienteering skills. It’s
going to be an exciting Scouting weekend in November! Don’t forget your compass, a
trail lunch for Saturday, and snacks for fuel…you’ll be hiking up to 10 miles!
Maps will be provided. 
and Permission Slips are available.
October Popcorn Sale It’s starting! Families must pick up their popcorn at the October 12th
meeting. Each family will be allocated $100 worth of popcorn at the October 12 meeting.
Get a jump on your sales activities!
Our share of the proceeds go to
the Troop and the Scout’s accounts. We’ll also be doing 3 locations: St. Basil’s after
mass, both local Giant Eagles.
Nov. 5, 00 Good Cause Fund Raiser Service Mrs. Ondercik is arranging for us to help serve rigotoni (sp?) on November 5th
at the parish center to raise money for a family where the dad had a swimming accident.
Nov. 11, 2000 Hike Place TBA but this hike will go toward 1st and 2nd Class requirements as well
as the Hiking Merit Badge. Details later
September 23-24, 2000 September Campout: Camp Manatoc, September 23-24, 2000.  It was great! Weather was
passable.  Hike was way long.  Food was good and hot. Lots of advancement
activities.  Bring your books to the next meeting so that you can get your
requirements signed-off.
Oct. 7-8, 2000 Hale Farm Harvest Fest We’ll work the parking lot Saturday and Sunday with
an optional campout on Saturday night.  Permission slips are due at the OCt. 5 leader
meeting.  Stop by and fill one out or drop yours off.
The Troop will be helping at the Hale Farm fall fest by directing cars in
the parking area and helping to run the "craft" stations.  Saturday starts
around 9 a.m. to make the work assignments, there’s an on-site campout on Saturday night,
and Sunday we start at 11:00, ending at 1 or 2 p.m.
Oct. 13, 14, 15, 2000 Camporee At Brecksville Metropark, Meadows area.  Details will
follow but it’s almost certain that we’ll need some more adults. 
got it!  Details about the camporee and design specs for the racing chariott are here. The Troop’s "chariot" for the Camporee races was worked on at
the Oct 5 meeting by a select few.
October 15, 00 St. Basil’s Parish Fall Fest October 15, 1 – 7 p.m. (the Saturday of the Camporee).  Great! Something
for everyone!  If you can’t get to the Camporee for the weekend, we’ll see you at the
Fall Fest.
Mass is at 12 noon and the festivities start after that
(about an hour) so start showing up about 12:00 so we can start preparing our stations in
time for a 1:00 p.m. start. Those not involved with the Camporee will help with this
event. There may be "setup" projects before the event. Anybody want to volunteer
to roast the pig? Do we have to catch it first?

Bingo, hay rides, a hay maze, ethnic dancers, music, volleyball, fall crafts:
pumpkin, face3, and fingernail painting. Menu includes: roasted pig, chicken, kielbasa,
kraut, hot dogs, pierogies and pizza.