This is the general outline of events throughout the year. Specific dates and information
are sent out via the e-mail list during the year.

  • January: Klondike – winter camping with scout skills competition with other troops in the area.
  • February: Winter Camp – possibly with a cabin available.
  • March: Father-Son to get new scouts who’ve joined from a Cub Scout pack to “warm up” to being with the troop. Usually with a cabin available.
  • April: skills camp. Possible Special event camp. Caving, canoeing, survival skills instructor, etc.
  • May: Skills Camp. Possible Special Event Camp. Caving, canoeing, survival skills instructor, etc.
  • June: Summer Resident Camp, Brecksville Home Days pop/water sale, St. Basil’s Parish Picnic.
  • July: “Away Camp”. High adventure camp and/or second summer camp
  • August: “Away Camp”
  • September: Skills Camp, hike
  • October: Leadership Training Camp, St. Basil Parish Fall Fest
  • November Skills or Special Event
  • December Indoor activity with festivities: indoor climbing, swimming, etc.