New Scouts

Welcome New Scouts!

To get started:

  1. Register. You can download the form from this link, Youth Application. If you were a Cub Scout, you can transfer your registration from your Pack to our Troop.
  2. Read over the Youth Protection insert in the front of your Boy Scout Handbook with a parent.
  3. Learn the information needed for your Scout badge. If you were a Cub Scout, it is the same information covered by your Arrow of Light requirements.
  4. Fill out and turn in a Health form. We need Part A from the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record forms.
  5. Read over the Getting Started with Troop 652 and the FAQ for more information about the Troop.

Mr. Jack Wygonski will be issuing troop tents in April & May. There’s a form that goes with the tents saying that you’ll return the tent in good condition when you leave the troop or you’ll pay $50 toward helping to replace the tent. A parent must read and sign the form in addition to the scout signing it.

New scouts should earn their Scout badge as quickly as possible. Please remember to go over the youth protection stuff in the front of the book with a parent or guardian! Practice the other requirements and ask for a Scoutmaster Conference!

All new scouts should have received a video DVD showing how to do all the requirements through first class rank.