November Schedule

I’ll talk with the Patrol Leader Council (PLC) first but it’s possible that We won’t have a PLC this month. The campout might be earlier than usual because of the holiday and we’ll need to schedule a night for the Webelos to visit.

The Thursday meetings will be
Nov. 2, 9, 16 – Campout prep – cooking requirements and hosting Webelos Wednesday’s
Nov. 22, Wednesday is cancelled because it’s the day before Thanksgiving.
Nov. 29 Wednesday. Wrap up advancements as needed and get the pizza order finalized. Maybe elections.

December 6, Climbing and pizza party at Kendall Cliff’s indoor climbing facility on Truxell Rd in Peninsula.

This is our annual Christmas party which marks the end of our activities for the year. We schedule it early in the month to avoid conflicts with school concerts and the like, but December starts the previous Friday this year so here’s hoping that everyone can attend. We invite Webelos and siblings, the Venture Crew and potential recruits.

More on this later when I ask for a head count for climbing and for pizza eaters.

Sly Robakowski Eagle Court of Honor

Sunday, October 29, 2 pm in the Family Life Center meeting room.

Wear as much of your class A uniform as you can find because scouts have parts to play in the ceremony.

There’s a nice write up in the School web page with description of Sly’s project:

You should have received an invitation to Sly Robakowski’s Eagle Court of Honor via email on September 10.
Please RSVP if you haven’t already

This week – Thursday meeting 10/26

This week – Thursday meeting,
The parish bulletin and online calendar have us in the Family Life Center meeting room tonight (Wednesday) and the bulletin has us meeting on the Parish Center on Thursday (our normal meeting room) but that’s not correct either because it’s the St. Michael School open house in there.

So here’s the plan – We’ll meet at the gym building. There may be some volleyball practice in the gym and there might be something in the meeting room but we’ll gather in the lobby and organize what we need to do to do the monthly testing for the Personal Fitness merit badge.

The weather should be clear but chilly so come dressed to do the running part outdoors. For the remainder of the meeting, perhaps we’ll make a fire in our fire pit and work on our ropes and do regular scout stuff. I may bring stuff to make S’mores.

Registration for 2018

We’ll be going through the re-registration process for 2018. If your status isn’t clear based on your attendance, let me know as soon as you can. If your scout account doesn’t have enough to cover the costs, I’ll let you know directly. Prices have gone up this year to $44 – 33 for BSA Headquarters and 10 for the troop awards fee.

You should have received an email from explaining the changes Council has made to the popcorn sale for this year. Check your junk mail folder if you didn’t get it or send an email to and I’ll send it directly to you instead of using the mailing list.

October Schedule

Oct 19 Regular Meeting. Thursday
Skills: Orient a map, cold weather camping
Activity: Personal Fitness
Oct 21, Campout with hike/backpacking to Camp Butler along either the Buckeye trail or the CVNP towpath.

Oct. 21-22, Backpack or Hike Saturday with an overnight in Camp Butler.

Permission Slip with Details

Oct 25 26
We don’t have a room scheduled for Oct. 26 (Thursday) so we’ll meet outside if the weather is decent and possibly cancel if severe weather is forecast. It’s the St. Michaels School Open House night. The plan called for “Scrabble” but I think the Personal Fitness Merit Badge test was also to be done on that night.
Skills: Sheet bend
Activity: Scrabble night

Oct 29, Sly Robakowski Eagle Court of Honor. 2 pm, Family Life Center

The backpack/Hike trip is Saturday Oct. 21-22 and overnight this weekend.

Details are in the permission slip

A 5 mile backpack trip meets the requirement for the camping merit badge. A 5 mile hike is fun. Weather is forecast to be in the mid 70’s and sunny. Note: The camping merit badge needs “2” trips so the bicycling trips and canoe trips can be the “other”

If you’ll be meeting us at the Boston Store location in the CVNP, just let me know. The trailer should be in the “overflow” parking lot east of the National park office on Boston Mills Rd. east of Riverview Rd. across from the Boston Mills Ski area.

The trail map is here:
But you won’t need to print it because printed versions are available at the Park Office.


The popcorn sale is being run differently this year. The changes and an overview of how it will work is

The way Council is doing popcorn this year is very different.

There are two ways to sell: “Show and Sell” and “Order Online”

Show and Sell.

Troops can pre-order popcorn to sell on the spot. This year the Council is only selling 3 items for the show and sells:

– Caramel corn (11.5 ounce bag)
– Butter microwave (5 packs per box)
– Back Pack for Children campaign through the Greater Cleveland Food Bank and Second Harvest (similar to the past Military donation program, but everything stays local)

All items are $10. Other products are available via an on-line sales option.

Order online.

Scouts can create their own accounts online and order items through the website. There are more products to sell online. The way this works is the scout creates an account, a customer places an order (gives your scout credit) and pays with a credit card and the popcorn is delivered directly to the customer. The shipping is $6.95 for all purchases under $90.

OR the scout could sell to customers as in years past(just print off the popcorn options from the council website), collect all of the money UPFRONT(cash or check made out to the parent), put in ALL of the orders at one time online and the parent of the scout pays total bill with a charge card. No money is turned in to Council, and all of the products would be delivered to the scout’s home for distribution.

A few reminders: If people order online, they have to pay the shipping—tacking $6.95 on already expensive popcorn. It’s a good option for out of town family. Also, if you put in the bulk order to be delivered to you, the whole payment has to be completed with YOUR credit card.

To create a scout account set up go to:

October Camp

We will have a backpack/hike on Saturday, October 21, followed by a one-night campout at a primitive site. Those who prefer to hike without their gear can load their gear into the troop trailer. Some scouts need a night in a tent for the camping merit badge and some will do the cooking merit badge “trail” cooking requirements.

More on this later.

October schedule

Oct Thursday 5, Regular Meeting. Thursday
Skills: square knot, lightweight stove, timber hitch

Oct Thursday 12, Regular Meeting. Thursday
Skills: Timber Hitch test, Plants and Animals, Orient a map
Activity: Orienteering

Oct 15, St. Basil Fall Fest Service. 1-4 plus tables and chairs

Oct 21, Camp out with hike/backpacking to Camp Butler along either the
Buckeye trail or the CVNP towpath.

Oct Thursday 20, Regular Meeting. Thursday
Skills: Orient a map, cold weather camping
Activity: Personal Fitness

Oct Thursday 26
Skills: Sheet bend
Activity: Scrabble night

Oct 29, Sly Robakowski Eagle Court of Honor. 2 pm, Family Life Center

Schedule change

1) Meeting day-of-week change including this week,
Some meetings in October and November will be on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays. The dates are:
October 5, 12, 19, 26
November 9, 16. Resuming Wednesdays for Nov 22, 29