Summer Camp

For those going to summer camp, I’ll be starting the online registration for sessions this weekend so send me a picture of your schedule from your phone if you can or just a list of times and badges/activities. If you send a photo, please write the scouts name on the sheet. I’ll send confirmations to those who already sent me stuff – only 2 or 3 final schedules are turned in so don’t worry about being late unless you’re looking at something like metalwork.

Here’s the latest revision of the schedule.

For Newer scouts, New this year – a schedule so that you can go get what you need. Check your book (requirements are the new book. check to see the descriptions if you have the old book.) It also makes clear the the T21 Adventures block covers on certain days.

For 1st year campers,
I recommend Swimming Merit Badge (Eagle required) if you’re a swimmer, ST21 H2O if you’re not.

ST21 to get lots of Tenderfoot, 2nd and 1st class requirements done.

Art is very easy – sometimes only a few hours to complete.

Mammal Studies is good for for 1st and 2nd year scouts – you can use the internet at home to gather stuff for the written reports

Space Exploration is popular – again use the internet at home to gather stuff for the written reports. No, you can’t use your rocket from home – you have to build it and use the motors that are available at camp.

Other than that, plan to spend lots of free time doing archery (free), fishing (free), rifle shooting (Not free) and collecting “critters” for the critter contest.