Venture Service Project Update

Just an update on our service project – for those who forgot (I know I would
have) –

We are making 2 giant connect 4 games and a giant Jenga set. I am cutting the wood for both and I will bring pieces parts to the meetings to paint and possibly assemble.

For this week’s meeting – I will be bringing the Jenga set, this game needs LOTS of sanding. I had 2 trains of thought and maybe they can both work: I was thinking if any adults had sanders (palm sander would be best I think) maybe we could get some sanding done at the meeting and I would ask those who can, to take some of the parts home to sand and bring them back – the ends are rough and need some sanding they are cut from 2×4’s so the sides are pretty good from a sanding perspective, they could use some touching up in places. There are plenty to go around.

The connect 4 is quite the project – I almost have all the part for the game board ready for paint ( 168 holes I had to drill out) – yellow (Should be ready by Wednesday) – also the game pieces can be painted (red & black) – I will probably not have the wood ready that holds up the game board ready for this meeting.

I would suggest dressing in old work clothes – I will bring some old sheets so we can paint (spray paint) the parts I have ready. There will be more in the coming meetings to do – there will be more game pieces to paint (they are on order).

Because of moving the parts back and forth – I would like us to start painting right away so it can be as dry as possible when I take them back home.

Make sure you track your own hours on this project!

Thank you!